Lonely and Quiet Moments

23 Aug

In my loneliest of moments,
when I feel all friends are gone
I look out the window
and see the birds and the colors of the season
and realize
I am never alone..
G-d has always been, is and will always be, my friend.

In my loneliest of moments
is when I realize
I am never by myself.

In those quiet moments
when my heart beats
calmly in the center of my chest
and my soul is full
I hear the melody of life,
beating, singing, vibrating

In those quiet moments,
is when I feel the beauty of G-d
Who has kept me as a part of Him
and His magnificent design.

A carpet of moss in the woods
Trees that have rooted deeply down below the ground
Remind me that I am a woman of the Earth
and a soul of the Heavens

In my loneliest and most quiet moments
I feel the connection
to the One who has created me,
and I am never alone.


Beating Pain

23 Aug

Oh pain! Oh pain! There’s something you should know,
Halt now, surrender, and listen to what I say,
Every time you hurt, I only thrive and grow,
Oh pain, you’ll see, you will not have your way.
Oh pain you knock so loudly on my door,
Armed with grief and loaded with tons of sorrow,
Oh pain I’ll win, I’m ready for this war,
I won’t give up I’ll see a better tomorrow.
I know your goal is to destroy but wait,
If more pain then courage and hope does soar,
My spirit rises a song I do create,
I told you I will surely win this war.
Do you see what I mean now Mr. Pain?
If not for you my life would be in vain.

Fill the Empty Spaces

23 Aug

Fill the empty spaces of your heart
The vacant crevices of your soul
With that which completes you
That which enhances the inner peace within you

Search for the wisdom you once lost at birth
Discover the beauty in your uncovered truth
Knowledge to hold true throughout time
Each discovery another symbol or sign

To the overarching Spirit encompassing it all
Vast and limitless Its presence overwhelms
Every crevice or space in your realm
of confusion and illusion
of frustration and delusion

Its presence transforms that which is inconceivable
Into that which is undeniable
With each step you take you’re unstoppable
For in limitless love anything is possible

If I Would Let Myself Tell You

23 Aug

If I would let myself tell you
Where I’ve come and gone
If I would let myself tell you
How far I have run
If I would let myself tell you
Where I now stand
Then maybe you could help me
And tell me you understand

If I would let myself tell you
About my hidden, darkened fears
If I would let myself tell you
Of my struggles through the years
If I would let myself tell you
My joy of breaking through
Then maybe you could help me
Continue what I do

If I would let myself tell you
Of the battles in my heart
If I would let myself tell you
What shatters me apart
If I would let myself tell you
How fragile I can be
Then maybe you could help me
Escape and just be free

If I would let myself tell you
Why I struggle with each word
If I would let myself tell you
How I’m scared of being heard
If I would let myself tell you
That I wish I could let go
Then maybe you could help me
Because then you would know

If I would let myself tell you
Then all this could disappear
If I would let myself tell you
Then you’d see me crystal clear
If I would let myself tell you
Then at least my tears would flow
Just maybe, maybe now
I’ll allow you to know

I Want to Climb By Chana Bitton

23 Aug

Waking up each day
Preparing for the flight
So worried not to lose my grip
So tired of the fight

Holding on with such fear
So tight that I need to calm down
So I loosen my grip to see the sights
Just for a moment I look at the ground

Such splendor all around me
So much to see and do
I forget about my journey

Now my grip on higher sights is gone
Iv’e fallen very low
I look up to where I was before
but I’m too tired to give it a go

But how I yearn to be back to where I was before
Although I can’t see …it’s not clear
I remember how I felt while there
My strength layered with fear

It’s too hard to make the climb again
So much easier to stay down
I can see the sights up close now
I see the good in staying down

Yet the longer I stay here
very low to the ground
I have a constant nagging feeling
that I will surely drown

I can’t choose to stay in one place
The laws of gravity push down
and if I don’t actively climb
I will surely drown

So, how do I do this?
I’m tired and out of strength
Everytime I make the climb
I fall back to this place

Before I held on with all my strength
I grasped with all my might
But it seems that the tighter I held on
the more quickly I would lose my fight

What’s the answer?
How can I stay high?
How do I keep from slipping
to the bottom and to my demise?

I want to keep climbing
I do…I really do!
But I don’t know how to stay above
To keep the climbing new

I want to climb without the fear
I want to feel so free
I want to climb without the stress
without all the strife and worry

I want to enjoy the climb
See the sights, but without looking down
I want to climb towards the King
I want to reach the crown
So please tell me what to do
Help me with this struggle called life
I’m tired of the constant ups and downs
I’m tired of the strife.

I am still waiting for you

23 Aug

Those who seek God persistently in their hearts without despair
Always see Him in their endeavors
At times I wake up and wonder why its dawn again
I have no job, and I need rent, food and clothes
But I still believe seeing another day is a prove that God is still at work
God’s time is still to come
I seek strength and hope in His promises from the Holy Book

The problems in my world seems to be many
Challenges emerge from all corners
However, in me I have this strong hope
Hope that God will surely bless me and I will be blessed one time
I appreciate the much God has given me
However, I long to meet my long-term dreams

Christianity has taught me that, I am not the person existing
It’s God who lives in me
Therefore, I have to let Him to be
My daily questions are;

Can God be associated with failure?
So can He really let me fail?
Is it God who makes me dream?
Does He want to live as I dream?
How do I know I am in His path?

I have sought your face and your grace endlessly
I try myself to pray even when I find it difficult
At times I forget to, but not a week can end without thinking of you
I have done Novena’s and everything
I am an open book to you
A sinner who repents and asks for your strength to avoid sin
God I need a stable job

I trade my sorrows,
My shame
My pain
My every thing
With you
Or didn’t your son Jesus die to save us from all these difficulties

I find no words to explain my life at the moment
Not to my parents, friends, relatives or any one
You know my position and my situation is well known to you
I look upon you for help because only you can help me
Doesn’t matter who you use to bless me
Bless me anyway
I will always pray that you do

When your blessings come
Help me not to be proud
Guide me on how to use the blessings you land my path
To bless others and develop myself
I need a testimony in my life

Time, money, and energy rarely collide
I have always prayed that you make me rich when still young
I would love to change the lives of many people positively
Bless your people and do your work in the world
Serve you through serving people
God, I am a sinner but I am your child
I deserve your blessing for if you abandon me am lost
Be for me Father, despite my odds
Kindly forgive me and come to my rescue

A mixed up life

22 Aug

In life
I am not sure of other people but it is possible to live in two faces
The inner personality that matters most and the outer that is more pleasant to the world
Recently, the transgender events has hit the world through the life of Bruce Jenner
Transgender has existed before and is not unique in any way but now is the famous ‘evil’
Chances of one hiding a part of her or him in to the world forever is possible but is dissatisfying
People hide different personalities, and I am among that unfortunate group
I am a person that barely wants to disturb people with my problems
I am a big dreamer and who wants great goodies for herself and her loved ones
I dream of changing the lives of the people I love and the stranger I meet
I am focused in changing the world with the little efforts I can afford
Unfortunately, I have the hidden problems that make me stuck
I am anti social, and I mind that people say, in the meantime until I achieve
There exists great fear in me,
Fear for failure, rejection, commitments, shame, hell, and pain
I seek financial freedom but situations arise and bring me down
I have broken my trust with people with debts and it really pains me
I don’t know how I will fight this fear
For I know everything I want is on the other side of this fear-George Gnear
Inside me is a good soul, but have tarnished its rapport
Through some deeds that only money can resolve
I need financial freedom,
I need social freedom,
I need glorious freedom,
I need freedom from the liar’s captive edge that am pinned in
I lie a lot and it makes me feel awful
I have lost much through lies than gained
Lies are leading me to living trying to prove myself
Living to justify oneself is slavery, it’s difficult
I am a Christian and I want to live a chaste life
However, the wants I have in life lead me to sin
Can God offer me a chance to live better by giving me a way to meet my wants and needs
I have one best friend in life and would do anything for her
I have dad, mom, brother and three sisters, and a niece a family I love
However, my big sister celebrates my problems so I don’t count on her
She is self centered and has no personal stand, I love her but hate her words
God lives, hears, and answers
Therefore, I humbly pray
I believe you planted a unique seed in me that should be productive
In my life I have seen you through different experiences, scenes, and events
You made so many right choices for me without my consent
You’ve answered so many requests that I have made
At times offered me more than I thought I needed
You’ve saved me from dangers
Embraced me in time of grief
Cheered me in time of sorrow and worry
Never count the many times I fail you
Have forgiven me so much
Sacrificed to lose your son to save me
For that I say thank you heavenly father

Additionally, you give me great thoughts
Talk to me through different people
Have made me believe am extra-ordinary
I believe I was made to thrive
I do not clearly know how but I believe so
I want you to help me every day of my remaining days on earth to walk in your path
Act according to your heavenly will and be a blessing
Help me live a sensible life and a worthy life in you with your creation
Make me your channel of love, joy, blessings, and peace
The reflection of you on earth, Amen
God graciously hear me


A thought

21 Feb

I reason with kings and dine with commoners.My life my style….

And i hope it will it will live to be productively helpful and long lasting